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Paid Time Off &
Professional Well-Being

We are committed to fostering an environment that encourages personal and professional growth.

At FLYR, we believe that our crew members are the key to our success. We want to prioritize the growth and well-being of our employees, this includes offering resources to support your career development, providing a generous paid-time off program, and exclusive discounts and stipends specifically designed for our employees.


Employee Career Development

At FLYR, we are committed to the ongoing education and professional development of our employees. Learn more about additional resources available to you. 

LinkedIn Learning 

As a FLYR employee, you have access to LinkedIn Learning for free! LinkedIn Learning can help you build your skills and grow your career through access to over 16,000 online courses taught by real-world professionals. When you log on to your LinkedIn profile via Okta, LinkedIn Learning will be added to your account.


The following discounts are available to our FLYR employees

Commuting Stipend 

Full-time employees in Dallas, Los Angeles, and San Francisco who commute three or more times a week will receive $125/month commuting stipend. This subsidy will be automatically provided to you via your normal paycheck. This benefit is considered taxable; see Tailwinds for additional information. 

Note: The commuter stipend is a separate program from the Commuter Benefits administered by BRI. If you wish to contribute to this account for eligible parking and transportation costs, you must actively enroll in this benefit. 

Discounts & Stipends


Paid Time Off Program 

FLYR strongly believes that its crew members are the key to its success and that a balance between work and taking time off away from work is vital in maintaining quality performance and a positive culture.

Paid Time Off ​

The benefit of offering Paid Time Off (PTO) is that it encourages flexibility to time off for vacation, sick, and personal leave. 


Regular, US crew members, with the exception of interns, accrue 192 hours of PTO each year. Accrual begins immediately after beginning employment at 7.385 hours per pay period. For more information in regards to this policy, please reference our Internal Time Off Tailwinds page here.


FLYR Offers 12 paid holidays per calendar year. For more information please reference our Internal Time Off Tailwinds page here.

Sick Time (Only applicable to interns) 

Interns in the US accrue 1 hour of sick leave for every thirty hours worked. Accrual of sick leave begins on the first day of your employment. For more information, please reference our Internal Time Off Tailwinds page here.

Paid Parental Leave

Regular, Full Time Employees who have been with FLYR for at least 3 months are eligible for 12 weeks of parental leave. Learn more about our policy on our Internal Parental Leave Tailwinds page here.

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