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Welcome to your FLYR benefits

Questions about your benefits?

If you have any benefit questions for the

FLYR People team, please email

Explore your benefits

At FLYR, we offer you a choice of plans to best meet your needs. From health care and company-paid income protection benefits, to financial protection and tax-saving opportunities, take the time to learn, apply and use your benefits. 


Benefits Overview

New to FLYR Labs? Check out our Benefits Overview. This includes a quick snapshot of the benefits available to you and your dependents along with your

per-paycheck costs

Mental Health & Wellness

We recognize the importance of mental health wellbeing and want to provide access to mental health care for our employees. Some programs are also available for your dependents. 

Saving for the future

The FLYR 401(k) Plan is an easy, tax-friendly way to help you reach your future financial goals. All US employees are automatically enrolled at 1% contribution and employer match.

As a new hire, you have 30 days to enroll in benefits

First, you will need to complete your profile in BambooHR. Then, you will receive an email from PlanSource with benefit enrollment instructions. Check out your New Hire Checklist. You will need to enroll for both 2023 and 2024 benefits.

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